saturday morning is beautiful.

What a beautiful Fall morning it has been here in the Second City. I woke up and headed to kettlebells, where it was nice to be back in the clutches of an instructor who says things like “you must really thrust your pelvis” and “this is a cult. we are spartans. later, we drink blood.”

It makes it easier to laugh through the wincing.

After four weeks off, there was so much wincing.

Ky and I met up at the farm market, where I blindly threw every vegetable I could in my bag. Spinach, apples, peppers, onions, zucchini, and some spaghetti squash all made the cut this weekend.

Spaghetti squash and I had a falling out during college, when I didn’t cook it long enough and forced my friends to eat raw squash with sauce poured over it.

However, after six years, I think it’s maybe time to try again.

I have some more skills now, I’d like to think.

I’ll keep you posted.

And now I’m off to run errands and enjoy this beautiful (weirdly 80 degree) October afternoon. Enjoy your weekend, chickens!



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  1. Beautfiul pictures! I love mums. That kettleball class sounds intense! 🙂

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