lazy on a sunday morning

This is going to be an interesting day.

I lamented last night to JD and Ky that I didn’t want to go to sleep last night, because I knew that once I woke up, I would be in the throes of post-kettlebell pain.

Against my better judgement (and because I couldn’t help it), I went to bed last night.

And now I’m in the the the throes of post-kettlebell pain.

The worst kind- the kind where you never had a shot because you haven’t been to a class in a month.

So while you marathon-ers are out there kicking ass and running 26.2 miles, I’ll probably be laying on my couch, trying to extend my legs all the way.

Also today, JW comes home from Grand Rapids (where I’m happy to report, he bagged me a duck in duck hunting outing. I didn’t even know he could shoot a gun, so I guess there are still some things we have to learn about each other. He also promised me the duck would have no head or feet by the time it got here), Ky and I try out the new fish market down the street, and also make one of our Smitten Kitchen favorites for dinner.

I’m a lady of ambition on this Sunday morning.

If I can move my arms and legs enough to get up.

Have a lovely day chickadees!


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