fried clams and monday morning

So Ky and I are from Connecticut, which we bring up from time to time.

We can’t help it.

We love New England.

So when we heard that there was a new fish market opening mere blocks from my home, we knew we had to check it out.

Especially when we heard it was owned by brothers, from Boston.

How can you stay away from a gravitational pull like that?

Turns out, it was the highlight of the weekend. Everything was delicious, reasonably priced, and even though we went for fried clams, seasoned fries, and clam chowder, you can also go to pick up fish for cooking.

Ky and I know where we’ll be spending our winter, that’s for sure.

Delicious. Anyway, it’s called New England Seafood Company, and you should probably make your way over to their Lakeview location just as soon as you can.

I ended the weekend eating delicious rigatoni and drinking wine with my family, and so I’m a little slow to get back to my cubicle this morning.

Luckily, I have a new library book (nothing like a recounting of a presidential assassination), and I’m headed to the Celt tonight to check out the Bears vs. Lions.

Please don’t let me down, Bears.

Have a good Monday chickens!




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3 responses to “fried clams and monday morning

  1. Wow! I will have to check out the new fish market! Looks like something straight out of New England. 😉 Okay, maybe that’s a stretch…

    Go Bears!!!

    PS – If the Celt you are referring to is Mystic, that is one of my favorite places in the whole city! 🙂

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