light is a great corrective.

Chickens, it is remarkably early as I tap this out.

I’m headed to a meeting that starts at seven.

Which means I need to show up at six-thirty.

I maybe should have slept in my cubicle last night.

In any case, after this long day, the weekend is upon me, so there’s that to keep focused on.

Also, in just four days I have completed Destiny of the Republic, which is a book about Garfield, his assassination, and how if his doctors had kept their germ-ridden paws out of his wounds he probably would have lived through the shooting.

I know I’m biased, since I love nothing more than a historical tale, but man, this book was good.

Especially because I am assuming I’m not the only American citizen who really didn’t know much about Garfield going into this book.

Unless we’re talking about Garfield the cat. Him I know plenty about.

This book folds in Garfield’s life and presidency, his evil detractors (because chickens, there are always evil detractors), Alexander Graham Bell’s work to come up with a device to save him (the pre-cursor to the x-ray), the story of Lister and how most doctors at the time were unconvinced germs exists because they could not see them (cue the slapping of my head against a table. Reading a book like this when you know how things really are now is a bit frustrating. Like, wish I had a time machine frustrating), and also, the story of Charles Guiteau, the crazy man who shot Garfield because God told him too (among other things).

Anyway, just like River of Doubt, Candace Millard’s other book, this one was well-written, extremely interesting, and also, taught me something.

What a trifecta.

If you’re looking to enhance your reading list as it gets chilly, I’d add this one right away.

And now, it’s time for me to get to that meeting, and then, more importantly, get to the weekend.

Have a lovely, lovely day chickadees!



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3 responses to “light is a great corrective.

  1. A 7am meeting on a FRIDAY? That’s just cruel!!! Thanks for the book recommendation! I’m finishing up a massive Wally Lamb novel and will need something new to read soon! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Damn, that’s a horribly early meeting. Hope you got out a little early! That book looks interesting, I’ll add it to my list. I just finished Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and it was AMAZING. Best book I’ve read in years.

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