rowing into a dreary morning

Last night my parents came over and we ate Piece pizza until we could eat no more.

For the record, I also had a salad.

In any case, this warranted an early wake-up call so I could balance out all that delicious pizza with a good workout.

I decided to go for the rowing machine first, since you can do that and still be half asleep.

It was early, chickens.

However, as I rowed across an imaginary body of water, I was treated to none other than the Fox News Channel.


I thought that it would be fine, since I had my tunes and it was merely a 15 minute interval, but man, those anchors are unpleasant in the morning.

Probably other times too, but I couldn’t speak for that.

I finished by focusing really hard on the rowing machine and contemplating how I doubted the YMCA’s not-for-profit core values synced up with the Fox News Channel.

I’m in association management, chickadees, it’s how my mind works.

Then I gladly moved to the elliptical, where my view was of the dark street.

Much better, I thought, and then got on with it.

Up this evening is a happy hour with my pals and then frenzied packing for our weekend trip to Grand Rapids.

Let me tell you how excited I am to be but a wedding guest- I’m making it my mission to get some cake, since I missed it at my own wedding.

Hope everyone’s making it through this cloudy, windy day.




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3 responses to “rowing into a dreary morning

  1. Ooooh, love your blog’s new look! You know I have a weakness for purple and I love your header! Fancy. 😉

    Being subjected to Fox News for 15 minutes is waaaay too long. You are a brave, brave soul.

    And what’s this about not getting cake at your own wedding??? You better have TWO pieces at your friend’s wedding this weekend to make up for the difference. 🙂

  2. Fox news… gross! That’s all I have to say about that.

  3. Piece. Yum. I’m having a serious pizza craving right now. 🙂 And yes- this weather is no fun. I’m ready for it to blow over!

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