road trippin’

Another early morning for me, chickens.

And although I am pleased that the sun has decided to make its way out today, the temperature is dropping at an alarming rate.

I might have to think about investing in some long workout pants for my walk to the gym.

My outfit this morning just wasn’t cutting it.

When I got home I decided quite firmly that it is in fact time to pull out my boots, and that I simply don’t care if this is not the appropriate time.

I’ve never cared much for the appropriate anything.

I allowed myself an abbreviated biking/treadmill jaunt this morning, since I was out last night gabbing/cheese eating/drinking wine with my friends, and also since I have decided that I will force myself to work out tomorrow at the hotel.

I know, I know.

But JW is in the wedding, so I have some hours to kill.

What better to do than spend some time on a rickety old hotel treadmill?

That’s what I thought.

Today’s a quick day for me, since JW and I are embarking on a road trip to Grand Rapids for the wedding.

I cannot complain about a quick day.

And a road trip that will hopefully involve snacks and really bad radio stations.

But it probably means I should make my way to the workplace with some sense of urgency this morning.

Even though it’s Friday, and furthermore, it’s cold out there.

I hope everyone else has a full weekend ahead of them and a drawer crammed with sweaters.

It’s getting to be that time, chickens.




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2 responses to “road trippin’

  1. I am soooo not ready for it to be this cold yet! And it doesn’t help that I hate all my sweaters from last year. Boo.

    Have a great time in Michigan! Remember what I said about the cake – TWO pieces. And if you can shove any extra slices in your purse to bring home to me, that would be okay too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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