A ride in the Mitten

Happy Saturday, chickadees!

JW and I hit the mitten yesterday afternoon, and spent the evening enjoying pre-wedding festivities with our friends, who are heading down the aisle later today.

I’ll be spending the early part of the day watching cable, getting in a run (hopefully), and lamenting that I didn’t bring my bathing suit.

Then maybe remembering that I’m 27 and not the intended audience for the hotel pool.


This morning JW and I enjoyed delicious, giant egg dishes at breakfast, at a place aptly named “The Omelette Shop.”

One pepper and sausage scramble later, I’m pretty confident that I will need that run this afternoon.

The drive down I-94 yesterday was actually delightful, since it was lined with trees at the peak of their color changing.

There is nothing like an orange tree against a cloudy sky- I apologize for not being quick enough with my camera to grab a couple shots.

If I don’t enjoy too much wine tonight, I’ll take care of the visuals on the way home to Chicago tomorrow morning.

I’ll probably enjoy too much wine.

And with that, I am off to get this day started. Have a lovely Saturday chickens!


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One response to “A ride in the Mitten

  1. Definitely drink too much wine. And eat too much cake. And dance like a maniac. These are all wedding reception requirements. And, yes – if there’s time – take some pics. 🙂

    Have a great time!

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