five good things: it’s getting to be that time edition

Ok chickens, it’s looking fairly dark out there, and I realized on my walk to the gym that it’s significantly colder than yesterday.


However, in an attempt to stay positive on this middle-of-the-road Wednesday, we’re doing Five Good Things.

Here goes:

1. Yesterday at work I received my new workout gear from Old Navy (yes, Lululemon, you make beautiful gear- but I cannot justify spending $80 on pants I’m just going to sweat in. Maybe some day. Sorry), and noticed that they had throw in 3 pairs of capris instead of 2, thus equipping me with one free pair.

Bonus, my friends. I can now stop wear embarrassing, old, maybe even hole-y pants to the Y.
2. My baby brother is coming into town this weekend. Also, he’s moving here next week. Mikie is funny and ridiculous, sort of like me.

This is us, rocking out to Third Eye Blind at my wedding.

It was pretty much the most awesome thing ever.

3. Last night after some thorough investigation, I realized I only need a handful of items in order to complete my aforementioned Red Panda costume for this weekend. Which means that I’m on the lookout for a massive amount of face paint (since I think the stuff I found is two years old, and probably pretty gross), some panda paws, and of course, my elusive Communist T-shirt.

I’ll be making a trip to Strange Cargo tonight to take care of that.

4. My little sister gave me some excellent baking tips yesterday afternoon, which staved off a potential panic attack I was having.

More to come on this, but I’ll share once I confirm that I won’t be screwing this particular project up.

Baking is really hard for me.

5. It’s Wednesday, which means JW has no class and no rugby, and so I can perhaps catch a glimpse of his face before the witching hour.

The witching hour is around 9:30, in case you were wondering.

I have plans for chicken stir fry, Halloween decorating, and watching something funny on TV.
Catch you chickens later!



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4 responses to “five good things: it’s getting to be that time edition

  1. Uh yeah- I actually looked back inside at my clock before leaving for work today. It was seriously dark when I left at my usual time!

    Yay for siblings moving to the city! I tried to convince my brother Chicago was a good idea. I failed. He seems to have taken a liking to Kansas City. What’s THAT about?

  2. I think yesterday may have been the last of that warm weather until spring, and I’m really not happy about it. But I can’t really complain- this IS Chicago.

    I love that picture of you and your bro- you know I would’ve been rocking out with you to that song!

  3. Love *ALL* of these five things! Love, love, LOVE. Especially your brother moving to Chicago! So exciting! Megan and I are planning to do some Third Eye Blind karoke in the very near future so you two crazy kids better brush up on your Semi-Charmed Life, mkay?

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