ghosts and running things.

Morning, chickens.

It’s still looking pretty gray out there.

I will make peace with this eventually.

Last night, I hung out at home, eating stir fry that I made up out of nowhere (sesame oil + garlic + soy sauce + ginger + siracha = delightful), and then watching the end of Casper with JW.

JW and I know almost everything about each other at this point.

We’ve know each other since we were fifteen, so this is inevitable.

Sometimes embarrassing.

But for some reason, JW did not know how much I loved this particular movie, and how my favorite part is at the end when Christina Ricci and Casper-turned-Devon Sawa (the most BEAUTIFUL teen star of the 90s, thank you very much) are slow dancing.

I might have starting singing along.

And then, in a strange twist of 27-ness, I may have started crying.

“Seriously?” said my husband.




Also last night, I headed to Zappos on my iPad to do a little internet running shoe shopping.

It’s evident that my kicks are basically falling apart.

When I communicated my online search to Ky, she admitted that she had noticed my sneakers were basically “rags on your feet.”

What’s more, when I checked my Zappos account to deduce what pair of sneakers to re-order, I was shocked to find that it has been nearly a year since I stepped into a new pair of runners.

I’m a firm believer in a new pair every six months.

Seems I’ve tripped myself up somewhere along the way.

Also my sneaks aren’t even available anymore.

Luckily, two minutes of browsing and I had scored a brand new pair of Sauconys.

My run this morning was a little brutal, as I had new, bouncy shoes on my mind, and old, falling apart shoes on my feet.

A bad combination.

And now, I’m off to brave the weather, chickadees. It’s almost Friday.

That is all.





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3 responses to “ghosts and running things.

  1. Can I keep you?

    OH GAWD I loved this movie when I was 12. LOVED. I’ve seen the end no less than 30 times…

  2. The end of that movie KILLS me! And Devon Sawa? Hubba hubba. What ever happened to him?

  3. karla

    Have I told you how much I LOVED Devon Sawa in Now&Then and Little Giants?!?! HUGE crush! Also, just watched the clip from the movie and I had completely forgotten how sweet that movie is. Thanks for the Devon Sawa and Casper reminder! 🙂

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