and i strike again.

This morning I woke up early so I could squeeze in a workout before a busy Friday, which is scheduled to end in a happy hour.

I thought it would be for good measure.

I took myself through a pretty easy (read: slow) 5k, and spent some time swinging on the elliptical, before realizing that it was getting late and I should probably hightail it home.

I hustled back to my apartment, only to realize that the inevitable had happened.

I didn’t have my keys.

To be honest, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

Knock on wood, of course.

In any case, I rang the bell, on the off chance that JW had taken his time this morning and was still upstairs.

No dice.

Panicking now, and envisioning a day spent on my front steps in workout capris, I called JW.

Hello? came his voice.

I braced myself for his (rightful) irritation when I asked him to turn around.

Hey, where are you? I said sheepishly.

Who is this? the voice said.

Really, I thought. I imagined him standing at the window, watching me panic, trying to perhaps teach me a lesson about remembering my things.

It is important to note here that teaching me lessons is something JW gave up doing a half decade ago.


I was getting angry now, and I said, more forcefully, It’s me. Where are you?

Do I know you? said the voice.

Really mad now, I took the phone away from my ear for a split second.

And realized that I hadn’t called JW.

I had called one of those people who you mean to maybe delete from your phone because you haven’t talked to them in five years, but instead just leave there because maybe you’re lazy and maybe you don’t actually know how to delete contacts from your Blackberry.


In what is on record my finest moment, instead of explaining myself I hung up abruptly.

And called the real JW, who was at this point already public transiting toward work.

Luckily, being the understanding soul that he is (and really having no choice, since I couldn’t sit out there all day), he came to my rescue and let me in.

I told him what I had done.

Delete him from your phone? he suggested.

Which I would do.

If I could figure it out.


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4 responses to “and i strike again.

  1. Al Knox

    I think it is past time to have your keys stapeled to your body – LOL – Hope you day gets better.

  2. ahahaha! Yeah, I’ve locked myself out a few times. It’s no fun. One time in college, I could be found at 10:00 in the morning on a Saturday, banging the garden unit window of my friend’s bedroom in my friday evening attire as people drove by. Fantastic.

    Happy Weekend, my dear!

  3. I shouldn’t even talk about this because I’ll probably jinx myself, but I’ll do it anyway. I used to be the queen of locking myself out. The absolute QUEEN. But I’ve been on a pretty good streak now – I think I’m going on a year. In my haste and paranoia though I now often don’t lock the doors at all – which comes with its own set of problems…

    Too funny about the random contact in your phone. I have a bunch of these and don’t know why I don’t just go ahead and delete them. I should. Then I wouldn’t have to deal with the weird text messages that come in when I accidentally pocket dial one of my blasts from the past…But what fun would that be?!

  4. Haha, that is hilarious! I mean…I’m totally laughing WITH you, not at you. 😉 But seriously, locking yourself out is the worst feeling- glad your husband could save you! Oh, and TGIF!

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