five good things: this is a long one edition

Morning, chickadees!

And happy Monday!

In an attempt to jumpstart my week, which actually does not pause at the weekend this time around (due to a work trip to Orlando), I thought I’d focus on the good this morning. Here it goes:

1. I am looking out the window, and it’s light out. I know that Daylights’ savings time is all kinds of depressing because it means it’s dark out when we leave the office, the one maybe-not-so-bad note of all of this is that it’s not nighttime when I wake up anymore.

On a warm-ish November morning, I’ll take that.


2. After 15 days without Bears’ football, I finally get to watch my team take on the Eagles tonight.

That felt like 100 years of punishment.

But I’ll be enjoying the game from the Celt tonight.

Don’t disappoint me, Monsters of the Midway.


3. This weekend my parents/brother finally moved into their new house in River Forest. And while I will not deny I’m a little sad that the days of Camp Waterloo are now pretty much officially behind us, their new house is great, and located only several miles from my own. We spent the day unpacking, musing on how it was possible that my mother had eighteen million spices, and realizing that she really has thrown nothing out in the past 27 years.

At one point she pulled out a taffeta dress that I wore at my aunt and uncle’s wedding, oh, two decades ago.

“Mom!” I exclaimed, outraged that this dress had made it from Connecticut to Michigan to Illinois.

I’ll save it for your babies,  she said, and marched off.


4. Last night, Ky and I took to the task of making bouillabaisse for a guest post we’re doing for my sister’s cooking blog.

The trick is the fish stock.

More on this once the post is done.

But it was delicious.

And yes, that’s the head of a fish.
5. Last night, after consuming all the fish stew I could without becoming ill, I took to my bed at nine thirty and slept for about nine hours.

Talk about starting the week refreshed. This should be a Sunday evening requirement, I think.


And now, chickens, I’m off to start my day- hope you all had a lovely, lovely weekend.



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8 responses to “five good things: this is a long one edition

  1. Lisa Brown

    Didn’t my mother make that taffeta dress for you and Jenny? It was dark green if a remember correctly! And I hear ya!! My dad is trying to clean out his house right now and there are things in there from the past 27 years that you can’t imagine!! The impressive thing about your mom is that she managed to move it from house to house!

    • I think she did- and yes, you’re right on the color! I remember a couple of flower girl dresses crafted by your talented mom! My mom is more just…moving things from house to house instead of cleaning them out haha! Hope everything is going great for you, mom-to-be!

  2. I was not prepared to scroll down to see a fish head. Not at all…

    Go Bears!

  3. Damn, that is one big fish head. My mom totally still has Laura Ashley dresses that she used to dress me up in in the late 80’s…think they’ll ever come back in style? GO BEARS!

  4. Lois Bohl

    I’m so excited that your family has arrived in Chicago! Although I’ll miss the thought of your mom no longer being nearby, I wish you and your family the best! Keep in touch!

  5. 1. Soooo happy the Bears won last night! Victory at last!
    2. My mother is the complete opposite of yours! The woman cannot stand clutter. She throws away anything that isn’t nailed down. After searching in vain last Thanksgiving through my childhood momentos I realized she had sold a few of my favorite toys at a recent garage sale. I had to make her a “Do Not Dispose or Sell” list of the childhood momentos I absolutely want her to keep. I’m thinking of just getting padlocks for the bins to keep her out.
    3. That fish is looking at my funny… 😉

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