emergency cooking 101

You guys, is the sun ever going to come back out?

Man, I hope so.

Last night I headed to the gym, against my real wishes, which were to go home and lay on the couch watching television.

I did eventually get to that.

I pounded out about 5.5 miles of a run/walk (although, mostly run- I’m getting back up there, chickens), and then went home, where I intended to take photos of all the emergency cooking I was about to do.

Emergency cooking in my kitchen is mostly comprised of using up all the things that are just about to go bad and make you feel guilty.

In my case, peppers, onions, spinach, boiled potatoes and carrots.

However, due to the massive amount of time and attention chopping ended up taking, I didn’t snap any pictures.

I finished up a spinach/white bean stew adapted from Smitten Kitchen, and then I cut up the peppers. onions, and potatoes and made them into a home-fry hash situation.

The hash situation nearly ended in ruin, as running back and forth between the two dishes meant applying a focus that I simply don’t have.

Which meant burned potatoes.

They were still good.

Also, in the middle of this, I decided what I really wanted was a poached egg, which I think I did in an underwhelming way.

It was my first time poaching an egg, at 8:30 PM on a Tuesday night. Not my best planning.

I’m not sure the egg was quite done, but it tasted fine over hash, and also, was really impressive to look at.

I’ll be trying that again when I have some dedicated time.

In any case, lunch for the next few days is taken care of, and after all was said and done, I treated myself to an episode of both Gossip Girl and Parenthood as a reward.

It added up to a pretty productive little weeknight.

Let’s see if I can keep the streak going- have a good day chickens!



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3 responses to “emergency cooking 101

  1. “Emergency Cooking”. I like that term.

    That’s what I did with the sweet potato situation I was faced with. If only my roommate liked sweet potatoes….

    And am I weird for likeing hash browns a little burnt? I like the crisp factor…

  2. I totally did some emergency cooking last night, too. Although my supplies were pretty sad- but roasting veggies always works. 🙂

  3. Ah, yes. Emergency cooking. Mine usually takes place on Thursday, when my week old produce starts to look suspicious. Congrats on a productive cooking session – that stew sounds amazing!

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