south for the moment


Yesterday I woke up at 4:00 AM in order to drag myself to O’Hare (well, in the interest of full disclosure, JW woke up, bought me coffee, and drove me to the airport, because he’s the best), and then to Orlando for a weekend full of meetings.

This is not, as you can imagine, my best case scenario.

Also, while packing for this fly-in-and-fly-out trip, I forgot that Florida enforces summer-all-the-time attire, and showed up with only black clothing.

Probably because I was in mourning for my lost weekend.

In any case, I have on three separate occasions forced myself outside into the sun and warmth, and ate a meal outside of the hotel walls,which is really pretty outrageous (in a good way) behavior.

However, I will point out that having a whole set of meeting rooms overlooking a pool, complete with lazy river, is simply just cruel by design.

But I did get to sit outside and check out this last night, and so it’s not all bad here in the south.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend, chickens. I’m anxious to get back to my city, my bed, and my kitchen, in that order. Catch you there!




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