back where i belong

Morning chickens.

I know I’m a bit later than usual this morning, but I’m working from home after getting back from Orlando late last night, and it was a little slow going early on.

As in, I would have preferred to stay in bed all day.

Alas, this is not to be the plan.

However, I’m answering e-mails with Paula Deen in the background, and that is an improvement to the regular work day.

Right now they’re doing something that I think is supposed to be macaroni and cheese, but seems be mostly just cheese and cheese.

And bacon.

Why am I not surprised?

In any case, I’m grateful to be watching anything besides children flinging around Disney stuffed animals screaming their heads off in the security line.

After two fourteen hour days, this seemed especially punishing.

Please someone tell me I’m not just being a bitchy non-mom.

Even if I am, I’m not sure I really care, just as long as I’m not subjected to that again anytime soon.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to ensure my children don’t learn about Disney until they’re 20.

I hope everyone else is having a quiet, settling-in kind of Monday morning. Check you later chickadees!



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2 responses to “back where i belong

  1. I heart Paula Deen. And sorta wish she could somehow manage to be my mother-in-law without me actually having to marry one of her sons.

  2. auntie rosemary

    Auntie Patti used to always say she didn’t undstand why so many people were flying south to see this rat named Mickey. She loved to call him Mickey Rat and wondered why all the excitement over a rodent. I have to admit, I like a lot of the movies Disney makes. But, the mouse doesn’t really thrill me. Love you.

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