taking no for an answer.

So it’s back to the office for me today, after a day of working from home yesterday and a weekend full of meetings.

While I’d trade a day in the office for say, a tropical vacation, I can’t say I’m sad to get back to my routine.

And plus, it’s nearly Thanksgiving. Which means we’re about to roll into a month of cooking, hanging, laughing, and decorating.

Sign me up, please (minus the decorating, as I believe that qualifies as a craft, and so I submit only to enjoy the decor once it’s up).

In any case, good things are coming, and I’m ready for them.

Last night, my little brother headed into the city to hit up the gym with me.

Sibling workouts, these are a thing now.

Mikie and I did some circuit training on the treadmill, and then moved onto the weight room, where I showed him the Great Kettlebell.

After going through some swinging and lifting exercises, I showed him how to do a burpee.

He asked if I could do a one-handed pushup.

I’d never tried, so I gave it my best attempt.

And went crashing into the floor.

More than once, since I have a hard time taking no for an answer.

Something to work toward?

In any case, today my plans involve getting myself settled back into my cube, heading for another workout, and watching Parenthood from my couch.

Not too bad, for a Tuesday.

Catch you chickens later!

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One response to “taking no for an answer.

  1. I can *barely* do a pushup that isn’t the girl style. A one-handed pushup would surely mean instant death. Or the need for a nose job. Either/or.

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