gratitude all around.

Good morning, chickens.

There was sleeping in around these parts, since we were up until the early morning celebrating friends, food, and all the other beautiful things going on in this world.

Also, we were drinking wine, and then we embarked on what was, in my opinion, a long overdue dance party in my kitchen.

Have I mentioned how much I love Friendsgiving?

I thought so.

In any case, this annual feast is a perfect time to ease into the holiday season, talk about what we’re all thankful for, and bring together new friends and old friends around the table to have a great night.

One of our new friends this year, Brad, was kind enough to document the evening with excellent photos, and he’s also gracious enough to let me post them in place of my usual, unfocused shots.

Also, the pies are courtesy of AS, who always shows up with delicious treats from Hoosier Mama (I may be eating pie for lunch today).

My friends are so talented.

I’m moving a little bit slowly this morning, after doing dishes and eating leftover brunch-worthy items, but I’m determined to get a couple of things done.

Like roasting a chicken.

What? The turkey’s all gone, and I still have stuffing that needs a roasted meat.

Plus, I found a chicken tucked away in my freezer.

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

It’s going to be a good, lazy end to the weekend. Hope everyone else is up to something just as relaxing as I am. Happy Thanksgiving week, chickadees.



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2 responses to “gratitude all around.

  1. Brad

    What a night! Glad to share the photos–it’s the least I could do!

  2. What gorgeous photos! Looks like you had an amazing time.Not to mention some extremely delicious food!

    P.S. – Spontaneous kitchen dance parties are my favorite. 🙂

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