random thoughts on an un-tuesday.

So today is my Friday.

This is massively improving my mood, despite the fact that it looks cloudy and freezing outside.

Up today, I’m planning on simply putting my head down and getting through the work day as quickly as possible.

Then I’m determined to spend some time with the YMCA.

Last night, my plans to spin were thwarted by sore muscles and a more enticing deal involving wine and burgers.

But I digress.

I’m running in a Turkey Trot on Thursday morning, and I’m feeling like I need another run through.

Literally, I guess.

Tomorrow, I’m planning on enjoying my day off by reading my parents’ house for Thanksgiving, and hanging out with my grandma, who’s headed in from CT tonight.

I’m also hitting up a a concert at the Empty Bottle- the band’s unknown to me (Thee Oh Sees, in case you’re wondering), but I think some music is a good way to head into this holiday.

After that, it’s all James Taylor Christmas music until the 25th.

Don’t judge my choices chickadees. I can’t help it one bit.

And with that, I’m off to complete my my commute in the near dark with a new library book in tow.

Catch you chickens later!


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One response to “random thoughts on an un-tuesday.

  1. Jealous that today is your last day of the week! But have a great one! I’m busy tonight, but you better believe I will be getting some quality gym time in tomorrow after work and Thursday before it’s time to feast…

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