and still there’s more…

Yesterday was a fantastic day of football (although no win for the Lions or the Dolphins), eating, and general hanging out.

Also, a day of racing, in which JW, Mags, Michaela and I all crossed the finish line in under 30 minutes.

What a good way to start a day of feasting.

Today, however, is only Friday (which is a bonus- we’re not even to the real weekend yet!), and while I don’t do any Black Friday shopping, I have already completed some Black Friday yoga (I’m already feeling it in my shoulders), and I’m headed back out to the suburbs to do some Christmas tree shopping with my family, and then pizza making and wine drinking this evening.

I will point out that while it is noon, I have yet to eat anything yet today, because I overdid it to the point of lying on the couch moaning about how I couldn’t move last night.

There was definitely a food coma situation, despite our attempt to draw out the eating over a long period last night, instead of eating everything at once.

How JW and I ever managed eating two Thanksgiving dinners in a day, I will never know.

And I’m not sure I want to know, if we get right down to it.

Have a lovely, sunny day chickens!



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