pie as a food group.

Monday = finished, thank God.

Everything seems to move a little faster after Monday, I think.

Yesterday seemed to basically be the slowest day ever, compounded in agony by the fact that my body seems to now be used to eating every hour, and my main food group for the past five days had been carbs.

And pie.

If you count pie as a food group.

Which I do, at the holidays.

After a healthy bowl of steel cut oats and berries at 7:30 AM, I was hungry, oh, about ten minutes later.

I headed to the gym after work, getting a 10k under my belt (in walk/run fashion, of course), but literally felt starved the entire time.

Whoa is me, I didn’t eat 10,000 calories yesterday.

I’m hoping this isn’t quite as painful today.

(Un?)luckily for me, there isn’t one extra scrap of food in my home in the shape of a simple carbohydrate due to my lack of grocery shopping, so I can’t do too much damage in a crazy eating spell.

That must be why I’m heading to my mom’s house for dinner tonight.

I hope they finally finished that pumpkin pie over there, or I’m in a world of trouble.




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4 responses to “pie as a food group.

  1. Running in Mommyland

    So cute! I can relate!

  2. My parents tried to unload more leftovers on me for lunch today but I intentionally packed a lunch today to avoid MORE turkey/mashed potato food coma. 🙂 I am the same way after the holidays- I swear our stomachs stretch out and need to be fed more often! At least you made it to the gym, right?

  3. A 10k! Sigh… that distance seems so far away from me. It hasn’t even been a month since my last race and I feel like a lost child… pathetic…

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