wine field trip.

Ok, chickadees, we’ve safely made it to Friday morning.


I woke up this morning and talked myself into some Jillian Michaels yoga, which I think was probably the right decision.

Nothing like stretching it all out after a week of running more than usual.

Even though I’m starting to want to punch Jillian in the face when she insists on talking SO MUCH through every pose.

I prefer to struggle in silence, thank you.

This weekend is one I’m excited for- JW and I are headed (courtesy of a LivingSocial deal) to SW Michigan tomorrow morning to do a winery tour for the day.

We’re taking a coach bus and then doing 20 wine tastings at four wineries.

And a chocolate tasting.

And a cheese tasting.

It’s like a field trip to alcohol.

And there’s nothing I don’t like about that.

Out other plans involve finally procuring a Christmas tree and watching our Bears get things back on track.

They better get it on track, anyway.

I’d prefer not to childishly throw my cell phone into the ground at the end of this week’s game.

Especially since I finally ditched the ancient Bberry and picked up a Droid phone a couple of days ago.

I’d hate for it to have to be sacrificed in the name of football.

And now I’m off to get this day in my cubicle finished. Have a lovely Friday, chickens, and stay warm!




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3 responses to “wine field trip.

  1. I’m getting a new phone for christmas. Maybe I should keep the ol’ crackberry around for rowdy nights of sports and beer. Then I can throw it and be all dramatic and people will think I’m super dedicated to my sport and admire me for it…

  2. Please, oh please let the Bears pull out a win. I do NOT want to lose to Kyle Orton. Fun weekend plans! I’m jealous. I wish I could take a field trip to alcohol.

  3. Wine field trips are my absolute favorite! Have a wonderful, alcohol-infused time!

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