over the river and through the woods.

So I’ve already managed to cut two fingers with one knife stroke this morning.

But that’s neither here nor there, for today anyhow.

Yesterday, JW and I took a wintery winery trip to SW Michigan, where we visited four wineries, ate lots of cheese, and drank locally brewed beer on the way home on the bus.

I also took a nap on the way home.

20 wine tastings is no joke.

We visited the Round Barn, Lemon Creek, St. Julian, and Gravity, which is a newer winery in the area.

It turns out that as I suspected, a field trip to alcohol is a lot of fun.

And means you spend the night watching football and lounging on the couch.

No complaints here.

We came home with about a half dozen bottles of wine, which will be perfect for the holiday season.

Especially because I have a cranberry wine in my paws, which I know to be delicious mixed with vodka.

Watch out everyone, the yuletide is here.

Up today, I’m making some carnitas (more to come tomorrow), watching the Bears’ game, and then playing a game of soccer.

Enjoy your Sunday, chickadees.



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One response to “over the river and through the woods.

  1. So glad you guys had fun on your winery tour extravaganza! I’m crazy about wine but don’t know if I could have hung in there for 20 tastings. You’re kinda my hero. 😉

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