carnitasss: easy and delicious on a sunday morning.

So yesterday I decided it was time to try this carnitas recipe that I’d seen on Smitten Kitchen.

Which meant my cooking schedule started at nine am with a trip to the grocery store to obtain a pork shoulder.

With Ky’s expertise, we also put together a spicy, more-vinegary-than-creamy coleslaw that even passed JD’s non-coleslaw liking palate, and served up the whole thing with doctored up refried beans (cilantro and serrano peppers make everything better) and then sat down, enjoyed our delicious meal, and watched the Bears get beaten squarely.

At least the food was good.

In any case, this was super easy- it only needed cumin, orange juice, lime juice (while halving limes, I somehow managed to slice the top of my thumb off, but aside from that, it all went pretty well), garlic, and the pork shoulder.

Three hours later, you had shredded pork that theoretically had been rendered in its own fat.

Not reading enough of the directions in advance, I had cut some of the fat off the pork shoulder, so I had to add olive oil at that step.

Let that be a cautionary tale to you.

We finished everything off with cupcakes from Sweet Mandy B’s, and then watched the Packers win YET AGAIN (someone, please, beat these guys for me).

And that was the end of a lovely weekend.

Now it’s back to my cubicle, where I refuse to have anything other than a good attitude.

It’s the holiday season, chickadees.

Have an excellent day!



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3 responses to “carnitasss: easy and delicious on a sunday morning.

  1. Oh Sweet Mandy B’s! I was going to stop at a cupcake shop on my little shopping venture downtown, however, I just ended up grabbing a big cookie at the mall because I was feeling lazy… oh well. Still good. 🙂

  2. Yum, that sounds amazing! And let’s just not even talk about football. It’s too depressing.

  3. Ooohh your carnitas look delish! I’ve always wanted to make them. And Sweet Mandy B’s? HEAVEN. Have I told you my sister’s boyfriend is a Packer’s fan? Yeah. I honestly don’t know what she sees in him…

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