trees in the living room.

NPR tells me it’s 28 degrees outside.

Please, don’t make me get out there.

Last night JW and I headed to the top of the Home Depot in Lincoln Park to do one of my favorite urban activities:

Obtain a Christmas tree from a parking lot.

This particular parking lot is even better, because it has a lovely view of the whole Chicago skyline.

Which I tried and failed to take a picture of.

Apparently my phone camera isn’t cut out for that kind of thing.

Anyway, we got the tree home and in its stand, and tonight we’ll be lighting/decorating it.

And then I’ll post a picture.

Right now, it just looks like a tree in my living room.

Not that a tree in your living room isn’t delightful on its own. It’s so green and it smells like a forest in here.

But you know what I’m saying.

Today is a day that feels like it’s over before it’s even starting, due to a steady stream of meetings and an appointment with the Y after work.

I went yesterday morning and loved being done with my workout post gym, but I can’t make the getting up early thing stick the way I want.

See above for 28 degree excuse.

I can only abandon my warm bed so much voluntarily, chickens.

Have a lovely Wednesday!


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