running down a dream

I have been running more than I think I’ve ever run.

Except maybe for when I was training for that half marathon.

But I’m definitely approaching that kind of frequency with my treadmill time.

Yesterday I did about five miles and a half miles after doing five miles just 24 hours previous, which was remarkable, as I did not

A) lay down on the treadmill and take a nap instead

B) need to stop and rest after three minutes of running

Things are looking up in that department, chickadees, and I’m planning on keeping it that way.

At least until my legs tell me to get lost.

Last night I spent watching even more True Blood and also watching JW put lights on our Christmas tree.

I would be posting pictures, but  we (read: JW put them up while I directed from the couch) only got about half the ornaments on the tree.

My goal in life tonight will be to get this tree trimmed.

Also last night, JW put together a mushroom soup from Smitten Kitchen that turned out delicious.

I love mushrooms.

And since the sun refuses to come out for more than a day at a time around here, it looks like I’ll need the Vitamin D.

Mushrooms being the only natural food source of Vitamin D.

Mushrooms also being delicious improves them, I think.

In any case, I’m off to take care of this is-it-Friday-yet like morning.

Catch you chickens later!




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2 responses to “running down a dream

  1. No wonder I’ve been craving mushrooms in my omelets as of late. I’m living in a pasty and dreary winter freakin’ wonderland.

  2. Good job on the running! I didn’t realize that about mushrooms- good to know.

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