Five good things: a child is born edition

Morning chickens, and welcome to Friday!

There’s a lot to be happy about today, so I’m going to dive right into it.

1. Last night, JW and I finally finished decorating our tree. The star of the show this year is a new whale ornament.

Yes, we have a whale ornament.

And yes, he smiles.

2. We were up late last night awaiting the news that our new godson had been born.

But then we fell asleep and my phone died, so we missed the official news.

But Tobin made his way into the world safely last night at 11:57 PM, and we’re so happy that he’s arrived!

Look at those cheeks! I can’t wait to get my hands on this beautiful little bambino!

3.  Also yesterday, our bffs welcomed a new pup into their lives. So now we have a godson and a godpup, all in 24 hours.

A pretty good day, if you ask me.


4. As if that was not enough, last night it snowed. And while I know I’ll be sick of this by December 26th, let us all agree that snow at Christmas is much more beautiful and certainly less annoying than snow at any other time in the world.

The 20 degree weather, on the other hand, I could do without.

5. Speaking of 20 degree weather- JW and I booked a mid-winter trip to LA to visit my sister and her boyfriend. I’m so excited to have an escape route out of Chicago when it gets too cold to handle around here, and also to see my sorella’s face twice in two months.

And with that, chickadees, I’ll take my smiling face into work- I have a great weekend ahead of me, cooking delicious things, drinking wine, and hopefully laying my eyes on all the new blessings in my life.

Have an excellent Friday everyone!


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4 responses to “Five good things: a child is born edition

  1. Amy

    He’s looking forward to meeting yall too!

  2. I love how you baby-stepped the tree decorating process. I feel this only extends the holiday spirits instead of exhausting them in one long evening. Smart move.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. What a cute baby! I was pretty happy to see snow on the ground this morning, too. Everyone was bitching about it and I could not understand why. You guys- we made it til ALMOST mid-December. It was time.

  4. Hooray for new babies and new puppies! 🙂 Tobin is such a cute name!!! Speaking of cute, your tree is adorable and I love your whale ornament! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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