Re-posting (delicious souffle)

Morning chickens!

I had a pretty solid five mile run last night, while new treadmills were being installed at the Y all around me.

It was slightly distracting, but it kept my mind off my sore legs for awhile.

The gift baskets have started arriving at work though, and no less than five miles would have been the proper atonement for the number of baked good items I got my paws on yesterday.

I also made an a lasagna to bring over to the new baby’s family, which of course was just an excuse to lay my eyes on that adorable pink little baby again.

Also, everyone’s gotta eat, right?

In any case, today’s post is actually brought to you by my sister’s blog, where I did a souffle rundown this morning.

Enjoy, chickadees, and go forth to make your own souffles.

And tell me if they rise more than mine did.

If only I could bring myself to follow directions.

In any case, here’s the link:

Souffle Goodness

Check you guys later, and have a lovely Tuesday (re: at least it’s not Monday).



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3 responses to “Re-posting (delicious souffle)

  1. I just saw your blog linked on Hungry Hungry Runner! I love your blog! And another Chicago blogger – yay! (Well, I live in the burbs)

    And the reminder that it’s not Monday does make my day easier πŸ™‚

  2. Um, we have a cookie exchange AND a catered lunch tomorrow at work. Seriously? I just hope my pants fit by the time Christmas is over. At least you got a good run in, though!

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