another set of circumstances.

Yesterday was my uncle’s birthday.

So I spent a lot of time reading funny stories about him, thinking about his smiling face, and trying not to cry.

This was fairly successful, except for when James Taylor came into my earbuds on the El and I simply couldn’t help it.

I think my fellow commuters understood.

In any case, my schedule at work was fairly brutal, leaving me only snippets of time to reflect in, which was probably for the best. I packed it in pretty early, and resisted the urge to watch True Blood in favor of a good night of sleep.

This was obviously the right decision.

This morning I couldn’t make it to the gym, but I’ve decided to try and relax about all that.

It’s the holidays, after all, and as I told JW this morning, I’ve sampled every cookie in the Chicagoland area.


No amount of running can put a dent in that kind of damage.

I’ll get back in it this weekend.

Up tonight is my workplace holiday party, which means appetizers and an open bar starting at 3:30.

Who knows where that could lead?

Well, actually, I do.

It usually leads to the Hangge Uppe.

This year, though, the party’s moved to a Friday, which lends itself to a whole new set of circumstances.

Such as not having to drag myself into work tomorrow morning.

I’ll keep you posted, chickens. Hope you all have a great Friday!



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2 responses to “another set of circumstances.

  1. I’m so jealous of your weekend holiday party! Ours was on a Tuesday (drat!) of all days. So it was either be sorta bored at the party or feel like crap the next day.

    I chose to feel like crap.

    Have fun this weekend!

  2. Oh Lord, the Hangge Uppe! I will not touch that place with a 10-foot pole…WAY too many nights there in my early 20’s. 🙂 Have a good time at the party!

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