almost to the break.

Three days stretch in front of me, blocking 12 days in a row of non-commuting.

I’m ready for a serious break, chickadees.

This weekend was fantastic, filled with long brunches and work parties and soccer and concerts.

Also with hanging out in the ‘burbs, watching the Bears break my heart into tiny little pieces.

At least my mom made eggplant parm, which sort of took the edge off.

Is it baseball season yet?

I know, probably not any better.

In any case, after a weekend of eighteen too many holiday spirits, I’m working on eating things that are not french fries and getting to the gym this week a little more than I managed to do last week.

There was holiday cheer to be had.

Apparently long runs aren’t compatible with holiday cheer.

At least not yet.

Once work is done for 2011, my plans include hanging with my little sister, who flies in on Thursday night, making Christmas cookies, watching muppet-heavy movies, and getting my presents wrapped.

Many things to be done this week, chickens.

I’ve got my eyes on the prize though.

I hope everyone else is sailing into a little break in a few days- go get ’em on this not-too-cold Monday morning.


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One response to “almost to the break.

  1. Wait, wait, wait…You get 12 days away from the office?! Sooo jealous! But you totally deserve it! 🙂 Happy holidays, my friend!

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