wrapping it up.

Ok, one day down, two to go.

I can totally do this.

Last night JW and I wrapped all our gifts, which was pretty much the highlight of the evening.

He tried to show me the proper procedure for gift wrapping, which I was fairly skeptical about.

When we started dating, he gave me a gift “wrapped” in a plastic grocery bag.

You can understand my raised eyebrow as he tried to give my uncoordinated self instruction, although I definitely needed it.

I can’t even cut in a straight line.

But it turns out that the plastic bag Santa can.

I wrapped three successful gifts under his tutelage, and then wandered off to let him finish.

I was wrapping one present to his two despite my new process, so I figured it was more efficient to just let him finish the rest.

In any case, gifts are stacked under the tree, and that’s all that matters, right?

Up tonight it finally.getting.to.the.gym since I was unsuccessful again last night.

I’m going to need several runs under my belt before attacking Christmas Eve dinner, which is fried fish & carb heavy, due to my Italian heritage.

How many miles do you think will burn off several pounds of shrimp, clams, and mussels?

Stay tuned, chickadees, we’ll see how this one turns out.




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3 responses to “wrapping it up.

  1. Ah gift wrapping… I’m one who’s overly ocd about it. I blame my mother.

  2. My dad could be a professional gift wrapper. Me? Not so much. I take after my mom – gift bags all the way. πŸ˜‰ As for calculating the number of miles you need to run prepare for Christmas, I think two should suffice. But you can run three if you really, really want to. πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m pretty awful at gift wrapping, too. My mother yells at me every year.

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