new movies and bad decisions

Morning, chickadees.

I’m a little late this morning since I had the day off and decided to instead sleep until the late hour of 8:30.

Last night JW and I were out later than usual for a school night, checking out the new version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I really liked it, but will say that it’s definitely an American movie. The Swedish version was pretty much a play by play of the book, which was great, because I loved the book.

But this one was also good, and Daniel Craig in the leading male role certainly didn’t hurt. I think if you have an open mind and are a lover of the book series in general, you’ll get into this movie.

But make sure you have three hours on your hands, since that’s how long it was. I will say that I sat through the whole thing without getting bored, which is rare for someone with a fairly short attention span (for instance, still haven’t seen Benjamin Button because its run time frightens me).

Again, Daniel Craig.

What wasn’t awesome was that I spent much of the night up feeling pretty sick, and I think I’ve narrowed down the suspects.

I am movie popcorn lover, despite knowing that it’s disgusting and not real food. In my own home, I won’t even eat microwaveable popcorn because it sketches me out.

Also because I don’t own a microwave.

I know that’s weird, but I’m my mother’s daughter.

But at the movies, all bets are off. Which means I regularly get a giant tub of popcorn, salt it, and butter it.

At this particular movie theater, I noticed the the spouts that the “butter” come out of are labeled kind of strangely.

“Popcorn topping” is its official title.

Leading me to believe it’s made out of motor oil.

Or something.

In my popcorn-fueled hysteria though, I just looked at JW, shrugged, and pumped it on.

I deserve the 2 hours of rumbling stomach for that, I’d say.

Don’t eat the popcorn topping, chickadees.

Up today is tidying up my home, finishing up some work among my Christmas carols and mistletoe candle, wrapping presents, and getting in a workout.

I’m thinking about hitting the gym, but I have some fears after yesterday’s showdown.

Stay tuned, chickens.

And have a lovely Thursday!


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