whacking the lobstah

Hey there chickens!

I’ve just roused myself from my warm bed to enjoy another day off.

I could get used to this kind of thing.

Yesterday, I cleaned my house, wrapped my gifts, did yoga AND went to the gym (and no, that terrible man was not there), finished a book, took a bath, and watched Love Actually.

Productive day, if you ask me.

Also, my mother and I went on a lobster adventure.

Stemming from our Italian heritage, our Christmas Eve is seafood-centric. We usually have lobster tails, and my mom likes to use raw lobster bodies to start her sauce.


We headed to New England Seafood Company and hoped we’d find what we were looking for.

She asked the fishmonger if she could get lobster tails, and then asked if he had any lobster bodies around, but he only had cooked ones, which would not do.

Then my mother proceeded to explain to him that she could use whole lobsters, but she just didn’t think she could stab the lobsters to death.

I wanted to be brave at this point and volunteer to do the lobster murdering, but I just couldn’t drum up the sentiment.

In fact, I agreed with her wholeheartedly.

We appeared to be at a lobster impasse.

Luckily for us (but not the lobsters), the man agreed to be our lobster hitman, and not only whacked the lobsters, but cut them up for our Christmas Eve feast.

All while we enjoyed fried clams and lobster bisque.

I suspect I should feel guiltier than I do.

And now I’m off to get in one more gym run and hang out with my sister, who has made it in from LA. I hope everyone’s having a lovely day!


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