sticking to it.

So far, the majority of this holiday break has been spent eating, drinking wine, and laughing like a crazy person.

Six more days of that to go, chickens.

I have plans to work out again with my brother, who works out twice a day and makes me look like kind of a pansy.

I got in an extra 1.5 miles on the treadmill yesterday waiting for him to finish. Then I promptly went to my parents’ house and ate my weight in holiday treats.

I’ll be eating kale only in the new year, chickadees.

Also, my little sister gave me a new yoga mat (extra sticky so I stop falling over in puddles of my own sweat), and I’m anxious to test it out.

Preferably before she leaves so she can adjust my poses, which I’m assuming are pretty outrageously wrong.

Last week I (finally!) pulled myself into crow pose only to tilt too far forward and topple over, straight into my television.

Something tells me I had one of my limbs in the wrong location, but luckily, the fall didn’t hurt and I was too excited I had almost done it to even care.

Maybe the sticky mat will keep me where I need to be.

Here’s to hoping, anyway.

And with that, I’m off to start another day not in my cubicle (I’m assuming this is going to be a pretty brutal trip back to the office next week though, judging by how much I like not being there). Have a lovely day, chicks!




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2 responses to “sticking to it.

  1. Eating, laughing, more eating, drinking, more eating. That seems to be the summary of my break so far. It’s scaring my waistline.

    Nice work on the crows pose! Even sticking it for a second is a big deal. I remember finally getting it (forever ago, so this is definitely no longer possible) and was so proud of myself before completely face planting into the carpet. Whoops.

  2. Kudos to you for working out during the break! That’s definitely more than I’ve done! I’ve been on a pretty rigid eating and drinking routine for the last week or so. January is going to be a rude awakening for my body!

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