caucuses and two for the books.

So I made it one day of getting up early before I decided I’d rather stay under my covers.

Which means I’m gonna have to brave the crowded gym tonight.

Pray for me. And pray that I don’t have to resort to the recumbent bike, which is my worst workout nightmare.

No, I’m really not sure why.

In any case, I made it through the first day of work without losing my cool, and it’s already Wednesday.

Two positives, I would say.

Other things I’m focused on for the week include the Iowa caucus (yes, I know, we don’t all like politics, but I’m a sucker for political races and anything that inflates my blood pressure) and a couple of library books dedicated to my favorite subject, history.

Up right now is 1776, which I actually can’t believe I haven’t read before. I’m settling in with the Continental Army for a long, New England winter, and I’m anxious to see how it all turns out.

I think I might know it turns out.

But I’d like to know how it all went down.

Post my American Revolution dabbling, I’ve got Grant on my shelf, and it’s about a million pages long and also intimidating me from my living room.

He’s fairly intimidating, you know? Also, he’s known for having one of the most corrupt administrations in our nation’s history, so you know that means I need to know all about it.

Who doesn’t love a 19th century scandal?

And with that, chickens, I’m off to get to this next day of the new year. Have a lovely morning!



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5 responses to “caucuses and two for the books.

  1. Good luck at the gym tonight. I have zero desire to step foot in a gym in January, so I’ll keep the workouts at home. 🙂 I was watching Iowa caucus reports this morning, too. Not enough people in our generation give a crap about politics, so I’m with you, sister! (also, have you read any Sarah Vowel? I have a feeling you’d like “Assassination Nation”)

  2. I personally love a good 19th century scandal. History is one of my favorites! I just watched Ken Burns’ documentary on Thomas Jefferson – you should watch it if you haven’t! Good stuff. Also, I thought you should know that I’m sending a little prayer off to the gym gods for you. I also hate recumbent bike. And have no real reason for my hatred.

  3. 1776 is a good one – you can’t go wrong with David McCullough.

    I got the new Catherine the Great biography for Christmas and am looking forward to dipping into that one shortly.

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