calming it down and posing it out

I would like to make something clear.

I do not wish the resolution-starting crowd at the gym any ill will.

I like when people succeed, and more power to you all for starting the year on a positive note.

In fact, it was one cold, chubbier-than-usual January when I put down the tater tots and beer and headed to the YMCA myself.

So I get it.

However, something about the overly crowded gym really just gives me an anxiety attack.

Also, the kids who are running around the locker room screaming have done a number on my nerves.

Call me a prude, but I don’t need a bunch of kids in my business while I change.


Last night’s workout was less than stellar, and I came home feeling grumpy, stressed, and giant-sized.

It happens, from time to time.

I resolved to get up this morning and workout instead, which I am here to report went much better.

Turns out new goals or not, people don’t rush the gym at 6:00 AM.

I’ll add that to my list of things to be grateful about.

In addition, tonight Ky and I are hitting the mat with Jillian’s yoga DVD (which my sister tells me isn’t really yoga, but close enough) to zap some more back to work stress.

Over the break, we discussed yoga related goals for 2012. My sister, who is pretty much eight times better than both of us, suggested we aim for side crow.

Which looks like this:


Yeah, I know. It’s pretty insane looking.

Not to mention that I can’t even do regular crow for more than 2 seconds with barreling forward (which my sister has shown me how to avoid) or falling to the ground with burning arms.

But I’m not one to set realistic goals, so I’m saying we go for it.

Look for me at an emergency room near you, chickadees.


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One response to “calming it down and posing it out

  1. Damn! Good luck on that pose… I’m just happy with trying to master the regular one!

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