warriors, movies, and settling in.

Good morning, chickens.

Last night I posed it out with Jillian, wishing there was a way to somehow turn off her voice as she yelled “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!’ at me while I warrior-posed.

Listen, Jillian. I like your style, but not when I’m attempting to de-stress through yoga.

Not cool. Knock it off.

Anyway, also last night, in an attempt to not spend too.much.time (but some time, nonetheless) in front of MSNBC, groaning at the television, I settled in with a bowl of Annie’s mac & cheese and the movie version of the book Sarah’s Key.

Set during WWII, it follows the story of an occupation of Jews in France by the French police in 1942. A little girl names Sarah hides her brother in a locked closet when she’s seized, and then spends the next several days desperately trying to get back to him. The event itself is known as the Vel d’Hiv roundup.

This was obviously not a feel good pick, but it was a pretty good movie, and I thought the film version gave it almost a more grotesque angle, since I had a visual as the characters suffered through some pretty terrible historical events.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t Netflix it though- especially if you’re interested in history. It was worth the watch.

Although it didn’t lower my blood pressure.

And now I’m off to enjoy another unseasonably warm winter day, followed by a happy hour and a concert, if I can make it that long. Wish me luck chickadees, and have a lovely day!




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One response to “warriors, movies, and settling in.

  1. I wish I would have planned better when it comes to the last warmish day this week- instead, tonight will be spent snuggled on the couch with my DVR… ah well!

    Is it too early for me to be crossing my fingers for a late start in the office on Friday?

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