reggae and overcelebration.

Good morning, chickens.

And Happy MLK Jr. day!

Unfortunately, I’ll be spending much of the day in a cubicle, since my company insists on keeping us hostage from January to Memorial Day without any holidays in between.

Nothing like driving home the point that winter is really a bummer.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely Monday, regardless of where you’re headed.

This weekend we celebrated my brother’s birthday on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

By Sunday, it was nap time. Keeping up with a 21-year-old when you can barely remember 21 is tough work.

We ended the night on Saturday dancing at a seemingly-Irish bar which turned out to be having reggae night.

However, I cannot complain, as our party tore up the dance floor until far past my normal bed time.

Yesterday I literally took two naps, which I believe is more than the past five years combined.

Like I said, hard work.

Also yesterday, I spent some time with my godson, watched the Giants win (take that, Packers!), and played a late night soccer game.

I think I would have preferred another nap.

And now, here it is, Monday again.

It’s also my mom’s birthday (lots of winter time celebrations in this family), so we’ll be hitting the suburbs to celebrate tonight.

I might need another nap today, chicks.

Wish me luck.


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  1. We’re in the office today, too. It really is a bum. It’s like “here, have fun over Christmas and New Years! Because you will NEVER HAVE FUN AGAIN.” Thanks, boss man…

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