something to work with.

Chickens, it’s pretty dark and dreary out there, if you’re hanging with me in the Second City.

When I got up to trek to the Y, it was pitch black.

When I left the gym, it was still pitch black.

Looks like the sun’s not coming up today.

I would like to move that I take this day off in order to do focus on what’s important, like watching movies and hanging out on my couch.

Alas, it is not to be so.

My cubicle awaits.

Last night we celebrated my mom’s birthday by eating delicious Mexican food and drinking margaritas, and then I took my over-stuffed, sleepy self home to watch Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl.

Yes, I know I’m impossibly well rounded.

And scandals transcend decades.

I also spent the car ride home listening to the debate, which was most certainly a mistake, as I ended up feeling waves of rage in my car.

One would think I would learn.

But alas.

Tonight Ky and I will be doing yoga and eating another healthy meal in order to counteract my poor listening decisions.

I can’t help myself, chickens.

And on that note, I’m leaving my house’s slow Internet behind and heading into the dark with my umbrella and a questionable attitude.

Give me something to work with, Tuesday.





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3 responses to “something to work with.

  1. I’m with you on this one. This Tuesday has already gone from bad to worse for me and I’d much rather be home on the couch with some movies!

  2. At least the gross freezing rain turned into snow…that’s actually a better thing, yes?

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