Bailing out pans.

Morning, chickens.

I’ve heard the report from NPR that it’s basically ridiculously cold out there this morning.

Which I must have sensed this morning, because I simply could not climb out of my warm bed to hit the gym.

Which means braving the crowded Y tonight.

I anticipate a less than stellar run, but assume I have no one to blame but myself.

Last night Ky and I worked on some yoga, although for some reason, I was in a foul, not-yoga like state.

Which affected my poses more than I anticipated it would.

In fact, Ky broke down into a fit of child’s pose laughter after my, oh, 23rd fall to the ground in the middle of holding a fairly simple pose.

Off balance in more ways than one, is my guess.

After my struggles were finally over, we set to making an easy, delicious stir fry.

The thing that we’ve realized about stir fry is that a good sauce really punches it up. We used garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, cornstarch (to make it thicken) and strangely enough, a couple of glugs of balsamic vinegar. This was Ky’s brillant idea, and it was perfect, especially since I didn’t have the more appropriate rice vinegar on hand.

It’s all about getting creative, chicks.

Also creative culinary practices to be noted: in this recipe, we sauteed the frozen vegetables in some sesame oil first. Once they steamed and let off a bunch of water, Ky held the pan over the sink and used a wooden spoon to remove it of its excess water.

“This is the weirdest cooking thing you do,” I noted, while watching her toss water out of the pan and not actually contributing at all myself.

“Yeah, but it works,” she said, as she continued throwing water into the sink.

Bailing out pans.

It’s a thing.

We served it up with wild rice and Trader Joe’s potstickers, and then treated ourselves to some reality television, and the new episode of Pioneer Woman’s cooking show (which I loved, but Ree- why must you add “pop” to a recipe? It makes me uneasy).

A Tuesday night success, if you ask me. And now, it’s into the cold urban landscape. Good look trudging through Wednesday!



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4 responses to “Bailing out pans.

  1. Alex M

    Nikki, Ree must add pop to that recipe to make it absolutely amazing – which it is, not to mention the simplest thing in the world. I make it once every 6 weeks or so, and it would be far more often if pork butt were healthier. Plus, you live in the Midwest now, you know it’s rightfully pop! (Even if I’ve forced myself to make the adjustment to soda since moving to the East Coast.) Hope you’re all doing well in Chicago!

  2. Ii bailed on the gym this morning too. My bed was just too, too warm and it is too, too cold out! I love stir-fry but I always have trouble with finding the right sauce/spice combo! Your finished product looks delish!

  3. That looks like an awesome dinner! I’ve totally done that when I’ve had excess water in my pan, too. Weird, but it works. And better than soggy veggies. 🙂 Stay warm out there on your way to the gym tonight!

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