turtle soup.

Good morning, chickadees.

And welcome to a seven degree day.

With a winter storm warning.

At least it’s Friday, is all I can say.

On this particular Friday morning, I’m feeling pretty slow moving, due to a night out (and perhaps too much wine for a weeknight) with my lovely coworkers.

We decided to try out Slurping Turtle, a new noodle restaurant in River North. They serve up tapas, grilled items, sashimi, and also bowls of ramen goodness.

I figured it would be nice and close.

It didn’t feel that close in the biting cold though.

By the time we got there, our arms and legs were pretty much immobilized, but all was forgotten when we got inside and were led to this cool booth overlooking the whole restaurant.

Sorry for the blurry picture. The light in our booth kept going on and off, and so this was the best I could do.

In any case, we tucked into the wine list, started gabbing, and decided on some appetizers.

Which I did not take pictures of because we basically inhaled them on sight.

What I can tell you is that the curry croquettes and steamed dumplings were amazing.

The mussels were also good, but they didn’t come out for a strangely long amount of time (like 45 minutes or something- subject to discussion since we were drinking and laughing and maybe not watching the clock).

Next up was a giant, steaming bowl of noodles. I ordered the Tan Tan Men, which included whole wheat noodles, pork broth, sausage, AND meatballs.

What’s better than that?

Also, it was spicy. And giant. I figured I’d never make a dent in it.

But of course I finished almost all of it.

This picture is obviously before I devoured the whole bowl using both a soup spoon and a pair of chopsticks, to make sure I got at every last bit.

It was pretty much the most awesome bowl of noodles I’ve ever eaten.

On the whole, this was definitely a place I’d try again, as long as I was with a group of people who make me laugh until I cry so I forget how long I’m waiting for my food. The restaurant’s service is a little slow, and you might have to prod the waiter for awhile so your appetizers appear and also maybe order two more bottles of wine because you’ve had plenty of time to finish the first two before dinner showed up.

But in general, extra wine won’t get you more complaints from me.

This morning, however, is a different story.

And with that, I’m off to face the cold, and one more day of work.




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2 responses to “turtle soup.

  1. Aw… that place looks cute! However, I get majorly bugged when it comes to waiting for my food. Because this girl often has a time limit when it comes to needing to eat…

    Be careful on your way home- I hear it’s gonna be crazy!

  2. How have I not heard of that place? I’m definitely going to have to check it out! Even if the service is slow. Have a good weekend and stay safe out there!

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