The snow just keeps coming down, chickadees.

Last night after work, JW and I had plans to head to Wildfire and grab drinks, steaks, and a movie.

How I wish all the nights of my life were like this.

It took me twice as long to crawl from my office to Wildfire, but once I got into the restaurant, I was handed a martini and a menu, and I felt much better.

Crab-stuffed shrimp, lobster crusted scallops, a steak, some mashed potatoes, and a glass of wine later, I felt much better about my place in the universe.

And JW and I resolved to hang out at Wildfire more often.

Even if means we end up bankrupt.

Luckily, in you hang in the bar between 5:00 and 6:30, you’re treated to half priced appetizers and martinis.

Makes justifying the steak way easier.

Post delicious dinner, we trudged through the snow to the movies, where we were working on one of our 2012 resolutions, which was to see more movies.

I love the movies, chickens.

We settled on Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, a movie about a little boy who loses his dad on 9/11 and is searching NYC for a lock that fits the key he found in his father’s closet. He’s certain it’s a message from beyond,  and won’t stop looking until he finds some answers.

Obviously, the movie made me sob for a full two hours, until I was so dehydrated that I had a headache.

I wasn’t even embarrassed.

I would not say that this was a feel good film, but it was well made and beautiful, and I loved every actor in it.

On our way home, while I was still recovering from the trauma of the movie, I noticed a woman acting kind of crazy on the Red line.

Which is standard behavior for Friday nights past, oh, rush hour.

The next thing I knew, she had lifted up her shirt and flashed the entire car of passengers.

Full trauma had settled in.

It took an episode each of 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation, and The Office, PLUS a cup of tea to bring me down from that evening.

It’s a crazy world, chicks.


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