spinning out of control.

I love my Y spin instructor.

But because of a series of scheduling conflicts and also that her class is on one of the only days JW’s home from school, I haven’t made it to her 80s beats-rocking session in several months.

But then the gym put a spinning bike out in the cardio room.

Perfect, I thought.

I then discovered it had the option to spin to a biking video, complete with instructor.

Even better.

But now, I’m just not so sure.

This morning I decided to hit up the endurance program, which simply means Do the same thing at the same level over and over.

Because I’m not always quick on the draw, I figured eventually the spandex-clad leader would take me through some alternate movement.

Nope. “Just keep pedaling. Let’s pedal like this for five minutes.”


That was okay, though, to a point. I could pedal along, even if I was bored.

It was then that the man in the video started talking more.

He said things like “Stay supple” and “I want to see you play your bike like an instrument.”

Cut to a wide shot of him on his spin bike with a LASER background.

I wish I was kidding but simply am not.

After several more weird phrases (such as, let me see the rhythm in your body), a really frightening open-mouthed smile, and other trippy, moving backgrounds, I was finally done.

“Thanks for taking a ride with me,” he said.

It might be our last one, dude.

Monday’s previous conflicts are looking like peanuts compared to another early morning program with this dude.



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One response to “spinning out of control.

  1. Stay supple? Really?

    I think I don’t like that word anymore…

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