fool me once.

This has been one of those weeks, chickens.

Several thoughts on that:
Due to a crazy week at work, I found myself suddenly at Chili’s the other night, drinking a giant beer and eating a menu item with the word “explosion” in the title.
I felt as though I had been sent away to the deep suburbs in some kind of fajita haze.
I can’t even promise it won’t happen again.
I told you things were getting nuts.
Last night, I actually went to the suburbs.
Though not to seek out a sub-par chain restaurant.
After several days of getting home late and torturing myself by watching more of Decision: 2012’s coverage than is healthy, I needed a safe space.
I was treated to homemade pork lo mein (Italian-Chinese, my father proclaimed), and a slice of cheesecake before heading back to the city to fall asleep and start another day.
This morning, I woke myself up and headed to the gym, where I decided to start stretching out my shoulders pre-workout.
Not a bad idea, except that I started spinning my arms backwards and sent my iPod flying off the machine.
Not one to be discouraged (read: I do not learn from my mistakes), I picked up the iPod and plugged it back in.
And rotated my shoulders and sent the iPod spinning again.
I decided then maybe my shoulders weren’t so important.
I then managed to stay upright for 4.5 miles of running, before not-so-gracefully exiting the treadmill by falling off the back of it.
My trajectory was so forceful that I actually ended up nearly running into a guy on another treadmill across the aisle.
I’m not sure that bodes well for the rest of the day, but I’m keeping it optimistic. Maybe I got the most ridiculous part of my day out of the way before 7:00 AM.
Yeah, I don’t believe that either.


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2 responses to “fool me once.

  1. That is exactly what I’m waiting to happen during one of my visits to the gym. EXACTLY.

  2. I hope your day turned around! I promise I won’t laugh at you, but the image of someone being propelled off the back of a treadmill always kind of tickles me. 🙂 I like physical humor, what can I say?

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