friends in high places.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Mondays are zooming in quicker lately?

And yet, here we are again.

JW and I had a good time this weekend in Madison, skiing and beer tasting and then coming home and crashing.

Neither of us even fell on the slopes, and we made it to the Blue Square trails before I decided that was enough incline and speed, thanks very much.

Also notable on the trip was the lack of bars across the chair lifts.

I know that this is a thing, and that lots of chair lifts require you to sit quietly while being lifted in the air.


I have a fear of heights.

And I’ve never been on a lift without a lap bar.

Which meant that with every trip to the top, I nearly had a panic attack.

I seriously considered sticking to the bunny hill the whole time, but I thought that would be a sad way to spend the day.

Plus JW kept almost falling off the conveyer belt that takes you up the tiny hill.

Horrifying chair lift it was.

And to combat my anxiety, I put in place some rules around riding up the mountain, chiefly no talking and no moving and holding on tight.

“Don’t you think it would take your mind off of it if we talked?” asked JW.

I explained to him that I had to focus on my survival during the ride, and there was no time for chatting.

“I feel like we haven’t even talked today because of your rules,” he smirked, as I white-knuckle gripped the bar.

Next time I’m bringing a xanax.

In any case, we did have a good time, and post skiing, we made our way to Madison for the night, which was a delight, as I’ve never been.

There were no chair lifts there.


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  1. I’m afraid of heights, too- no lap bars sounds awful! How is that even legal? Wouldn’t you think that would make their insurance premiums higher? Just sayin’. I got your back on this one. Glad you had fun, though! 🙂

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