getting down to it.

All right chickens, we’re getting to the end of the week.

And the temperature is rising again.

And all is right with the world.

Not really though, since this lovely, warm-ish weather is probably a sign of global warming.

I’ll leave that fight for a colder day though.

This morning was run #2 of the week, in which I ran a 5k without walking one time.

While I’ve been consistently hitting the treadmill the past few months, I’ve been doing it pretty leisurely- running for ten minutes, walking for two, running another mile until I’m bored and sprinting a couple minutes until my heart nearly explodes…you get the point.

And the point now is, I have 13.1 miles to run (10 more than I ran this morning and 4 more than I ran THIS WEEK), so I’m gonna have to find my rhythm.

Or else run a half marathon interval style, which I imagine might not work so well in a long run.

As in, I might have to work in an interval for napping/heaving/giving up.

Suggestions welcome.

In the interim, I’m chugging along on the treadmill and trying my best not to fall off.

Harder than it seems sometimes, chicks.

Up tonight, the plan is to balance myself out with some yoga, bake some cookies (I know, me, baking, I expect it to go amiss), and maybe watch something shameful.

Ahh, the simple joys of cable television, my friends.

And now I’m off for the ten minute jaunt I’m allowed out of doors each day- have a great day!



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2 responses to “getting down to it.

  1. Baking! I’ve got that on tap for myself tomorrow… weekend champagne brunch resumes!

  2. After the endurance workout that has been this week, I can’t WAIT for some trashy cable TV, I am with you!

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