starting the week on high.

Ok, chickens, it’s Monday again.

But it’s also a pretty good Monday, since I watched the Giants win it last night in the Superbowl.

I love sports. And if the Bears can’t be there (why, Bears, why can’t you pull it together?), my second choice are the G-men.

It was an East Coaster’s delight to watch NE and NY go head to head last night, and it was a good game, so I’m content to start the week on that note.

Also, I made burrito bowls for the second year in a row, and there is nothing wrong with a giant bowl of meat, cheese, and salsa for dinner.

Except that I forgot to take a picture of it, because I was too busy digging right in.

Sorry about that one.

In terms of the halftime show, I was at points both impressed and horrified (i.e. the former when Madonna sang “Like a Prayer” and the latter when Madonna did a cartwheel), and I laughed at several commercials (I love Doritos commercials. Can’t help it. Also love Elton John and Pepsi).

Post game, I sent everyone home, burrowed into my couch, and watched Downton Abbey.

There’s nothing like living in central time, my friends.

And with that, I’m off to spend the day in my cubicle and the evening working on my training plan- it officially started yesterday.

With a rest day.

Think what you will about that one.


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One response to “starting the week on high.

  1. Like a Prayer is hands down my favorite Madge song. If she didn’t sing it last night, I would have been extremely upset.

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