self-reflection and funny pages.

And just like that, we’re through Monday.

And my first long run of the training program.

If you call 4 miles long.

Which I do, at this particular point.

The good news is, despite landing the worst treadmill at the Y (the one in which I am forced to stare into a mirror at my sweaty, jiggly face for 40 minutes while the guys on either side of me are running 7 minute miles like it’s a slow jog), I finished in a semi-respectable time and without heaving up a lung.

It was a close call for awhile there, but I pushed through.

I’ve also decided that I’m over dri-fit shirts, and have decided to run exclusively in v-neck t-shirts for the time being, which are decidedly more comfortable than form fitting race shirts.

However, t-shirts aren’t doing much for my no-really-I-don’t-sweat-that-much image.

It’s a good thing I have such a high threshold for shame.

In other news, I’m spending this week reading Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? (and Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling.

I’m only 20 pages in, but it’s already making me laugh, so I will gladly take it for this (so far) gray week.

Sometimes you just need a break from Teddy Roosevelt and his historical acquaintances.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, really.

And now I’m off to hit this Tuesday with a session of cross training behind me and the whole day in front of me.

Enjoy your day, chickens!



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2 responses to “self-reflection and funny pages.

  1. I really loved that book and think it’s one of the last short essay books I’ve enjoyed. I could hear her voice in my head the entire time I was reading it. Cracked me up…

  2. I need a funny book right about now! Too bad my book clubs are completely taking over my reading list at the moment.

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