what a treasure.

Morning, chicks.

It sure is gray out there this morning.

I had planned to get my sorry self up for a run, but my bed seemed like a better option.

Also, I may have indulged in Monday night margaritas last night with V&J, which means I’m a little fuzzy this morning.

I’m a model half-marathon trainer, my friends.

Just kidding.

Don’t be like me- I’ll be playing catch up all week on the treadmill.

Also, chickens, happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s generally not my favorite holiday, mostly because it insists on scheduling itself over my birthday week, but I try not to hate on it too much.

People judge you for that kind of thing.

This morning when I woke up out of my marg-induced sleep, JW insisted on giving me my card right away.

He wanted to give it to me days ago, but I insisted that there was no reason to not just wait until the actual holiday.

He’s an impatient one.

In any case, it’s pretty much my favorite card ever, so I’m forcing you to share in it with me.

There is nothing better than a National Treasure reference before 7:30 AM, chicks.

And now I’m off to my cubicle, and then back home to spend my Valentine’s Day night treating my sore, lazy body to a new yoga DVD.

Namaste, love birds.



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3 responses to “what a treasure.

  1. bahahahaha! I love it!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, girlie!

    I’m spending quality time tonight with a treadmill (hey sexy) and getting pizza with the roomie. SO romantic.

  2. Grace Hendricks

    Happy Valentines Day. Love Jon’s card..

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