in the case of an absence.

Good morning chickens.

And I apologize for the extended absence. The weekend, per usual, got away from me and then I was in the suburbs at a new training program- I’ve been immersed in other-doings.

But I’m back now.

And I’m hoping you’ve all enjoyed the first part of your weeks.

To circle back all the way to last weekend, I want you to know that I tackled a new cooking project, known only as Frying Chicken.

I saw the recipe in Bon Appetit, and figured I owed it to myself (and my friends) to try it out.

I’m still working on editing the video and giving some instruction to anyone else who might want to spend a night in fear of starting a grease fire, but in the meantime, I give you a photo or two:

Sorry that the first picture is a little blurry, but in our defense, we had slippery hands.

We served it up with spinach, mac & cheese (PW style, of course), and sweet tea vodka/soda cocktails.


Also since I last left you, I’ve played soccer, run a terrible, struggling run, and woken up early to work on my new yoga dvds.

Today I attempted this one:


So mine didn’t really look like that. I’ll just say, in my version, I was pretty much awkward at best.

That pose should maybe be exclusively for babies.

Anyway- now that I’m headed back into my regularly-scheduled-program I have work and runs and hanging with JW scheduled until Friday, when we take off for warmer weather and sunny skies to LA so we can visit my sister and her bf.

Despite our mild weather this winter, I’m still ready to ditch the windy, gray city for a dose of sunshine and some flip flops.

I’m sure you agree.

And now, I’m off to (thankfully) return to my commute via the El- two days of driving the interstates of the Chicagoland area were enough to drive me back into the city limits for good.

Or at least for a week.

Check you later, chickadees.



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5 responses to “in the case of an absence.

  1. Flip flops… what are those again? 😉
    The dinner looks fab. The chicken looks delish, but I’m totally staring at the mac and cheese. I can’t help it…

  2. Candice

    Happy Baby is a great pose. It may look awkward but I love it!

  3. Grace Hendricks

    Te chicken looks delicious…..I love fried chicken. Everything looked great. When are you going to L.A. Enjoy yourself. Love you.. Gram.

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