a quick reflection and a long day.

Good morning, chickadees.

And please excuse my brevity this morning, but I’m running on five hours of sleep and a dream of getting through this day without collapsing underneath my cubicle for a nice long nap.

Unfortunately, it looks like according to both my schedule and business etiquette in general that I’ll probably not get to that.

In the absence of caffeine and the ability to form coherent sentences, I’ll leave you this morning with some pictures from our trip.

We’ll talk tomorrow, chickens, I promise.

More to come, more to say, but for now, my focus is on getting through the next ten hours or so in one highly over-coffe-ed, slightly understandable piece.

Wish me luck. I’m back in cold weather and it’s only Tuesday- things aren’t quite looking up yet.




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2 responses to “a quick reflection and a long day.

  1. Ah the ocean! I seriously need a vacay.

  2. Pretty pictures! Hope you made it through today- it was a long one over here, too.

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