i want the world to know i’m coming home.

Ok, so since we’ve last spoken, I’ve run 8.5 miles, eaten almost enough kale and mushrooms to make up for all those french fries and hot dogs last weekend, and done a load of laundry.

In other words, I’m back in action, chickens.

As far as the running, I did a fairly even-keeled 3.5 last night, and woke myself up early enough this morning to knock out 5 more.

Next up is getting outside, because after five miles, the treadmill gets pretty boring.

I’ve also vowed to stop grabbing onto the handles like a heaving rhinoceros every time I get a little short of breath.

Now if I feel like gripping the bars for dear life, I make myself slow down.

Brillant, right?

Sometimes it takes me longer to get to things.

Also last night, Ky and I hit up some yoga, which we did, again, in the dark.

Rodney Yee and his nature background are even more relaxing when fluorescent lighting is eliminated.

This time we tried his core workout, which was good, aside from the fact that we placed our mats poorly and so Ky kept rolling underneath my couch.

Because of a freak accident two weeks ago in which half of the glass in my built in cabinet came crashing down (goodbye, wedding gifts), she was lucky to escape without being pierced by an errant chard of glass.

I like to keep things a little dangerous.

Up tonight I’m finishing work, meeting friends for Korean BBQ (which I have never had- should I be scared? Probably not? Good, I won’t be), and then putting myself to bed at a reasonable hour.

Tomorrow I finish laundry, fling around some kettlebells, and take back my life.

Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I feel like it’s on par at this point.

My fridge literally has some opened cranberry goat cheese and seltzer water in it.

Hopefully I remember how to get to Trader Joe’s.

Catch you chickens later!



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One response to “i want the world to know i’m coming home.

  1. I’ve eaten enough green up to this point to JUST cancel out what I did last weekend. And here the weekend is again. I never get ahead…

    Happy Friday!

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